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About ... Wisconsin Masters and U.S. Masters Swimming

U.S. Masters Swimming is the premiere National Organization of adult swimming in the United States.  USMS has 51 Local Masters Swim Committees (LMSCs). LMSCs are U.S. Masters Swimming local partners. The LMSC's, Wisconsin included, deliver benefits such as ensuring your membership is accurate, they sanction events, they post events on the calendar, they track regional results, they provide service and direction to clubs in their footprint, and they distribute valuable information through their newsletters and websites. A portion of the USMS membership fee is used for national programs and a portion of the membership dues goes to LMSCs for local programs.  Please see USMS Membership Benefits  on the USMS website for a complete list of benefits.

Wisconsin Member Benefits also include communication to members via website and a bi-monthly newsletter, 8 or more hosted competition events in either pools or open water, maintenance of records and Top Ten reporting upward to USMS, and a group volunteers including LMSC officers dedicated to maintaining and growing Wisconsin Masters Swimming.

Wisconsin Masters Aquatic Club (WMAC) is the regional Wisconsin USMS Club to which all Wisconsin swimmers belong.  The regional club model is used so that when our small number of swimmers go to a USMS National Meet, we can all swim together as one Wisconsin club and can swim on relays together.  About 300 of Wisconsin's 500 masters swimmers workout on their own, without a coach, using the excellent workouts from the USMS website.  Several locations in the larger cities, have a sizeable number of masters swimmers and a coach.  These groups register with USMS as Workout Groups of WMAC (either by on-line or by completing the WMAC Workout Group Application and paying a small fee. ( 2016 List of Workout Groups and Contacts ) When we compete in local meets, we compete using the workout groups in place of WMAC for those swimmers affiliated with workout groups.  Workout Groups receive a copy of the USMS Rule book by checking a box when the Workout Group registers on-line.  Thirty-four LMSCs of U.S. Masters Swimming use the Regional Club with Workout Groups model of local membership.

Wisconsin LMSC Officers (Officers are also listed in each LMSC Newsletter)
Wisconsin LMSC ByLaws (Changed 9/21/2013 to include Auditor and Vice Chair offices)
Wisconsin LMSC Privacy Policy 
Wisconsin LMSC Meet Hosting Guidelines
Wisconsin LMSC Meet Sanction Policy
Wisconsin LMSC Expense Form ( MS Excel ) ( PDF )

Wisconsin LMSC Annual Meeting Minutes
01/10/2016 2016 Interim Meeting ( Agenda and Handouts ) ( New Policies )
09/19/2015-12/12/2015 Annual Meeting Parts 1 and 2
09/27/2014 2014 Annual Meeting scheduled for the first Saturday following
                     the 2014 US Aquatic Sports Convention (Jacksonville, FL Sept 17-21)
09/21/2013 2013 Annual Meeting
09/22/2012 2012 Annual Meeting
09/24/2011 2011 Annual Meeting
08/06/2011 2011 Interim Meeting prior to 2011 Annual Meeting
10/02/2010 2010 Annual Meeting,
10/03/2009 2009 Annual Meeting

Wisconsin LMSC Financial Report 2010, 2009

Wisconsin Pools used for Masters Competition are included in the USMS list of Measured Pools