Biggest Sporting Events in the World

There are lots of different sports in the world, and the list is getting bigger each year. There are just dozens of competitions that have to do with swimming, let alone other disciplines. This is really great as you get to see how our civilization changes and how we adopt new trends. Just a few decades ago there were no eSports competitions, and now gamers are competing in all sorts of different games. However, some events are just way bigger or more popular than others. So, let’s see which sports events are absolutely dominating the world. 

The FIFA World Cup

Football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It’s extremely profitable and works closely with the gambling industry, so it kind of continues to grow each year. Of course, people really love to watch football, and whenever there is the FIFA World Cup then this is all the world talks about. It’s a competition where countries all over the world get to see who is the best of the best. Even other championships like the Premiere league or Euro Cup get a lot of attention from soccer fans. However, they don’t come close to the FIFA World Cup.  

The Olympics

It’s kind of funny that this isn’t the most popular sporting event. It seems that when most of the sports are combined together they still cannot beat football. Ironically, they also play football in the Olympics. Jokes aside, this is the most important event for almost any athlete as they get to see how they rank in the entire world. Unfortunately, the 2020 Olympics had to be postponed for 2021, and even though there weren’t as many visitors as initially planned it was still a spectacle. 

The 24 Hours of Le Mans

Cars are extremely popular in our culture, so competition to see which brand has the best vehicle is bound to be this big. This is extremely demanding as it lasts for a whole day or 24 hours. The winner is the car that manages to cover the greatest distance within that time frame. 

The Super Bowl 

This is the biggest event in the US, and it seems that American football isn’t the only reason it is popular. Yes, it started as this big football competition but over the years it became an event where famous artists come to perform. Moreover, there is always a fresh batch of Super Bowl ads that makes it to YouTube, so if you love witty commercials, you definitely need to come to the Super Bowl.

These are currently the biggest sports events, and they have been for quite some time. Yet it doesn’t mean it will stay like this forever. After all, some sports just drop in popularity over the years, like horse racing for example.