Interesting Sports That Involve Swimming

Swimming is a great hobby to stay healthy and in shape. It is also a useful skill that can come in handy in various situations. It can save your life, or someone else’s life. However, if you wish to swim professionally you need to know the basics and execute them flawlessly. Form, technique, and breathing are everything if you wish to maximize your speed.

If you like swimming but doing all the drills and repetitions feels too boring, maybe you can try a different sport. Here are some exciting and interesting options that you can try if you wish to take on a sport that has to do with swimming.


If you still wish to do something that is mostly similar to swimming then you should go Finswimming. The goal is pretty much the same, as you need to reach the other side as fast as possible. The reason why you might find it more interesting is that there is some extra equipment involved like fins. You can wear a monofin and feel like a real sirene as you swim through the water.

jayhem from Antibes, France, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Water Polo

Water Polo is a team sport, and it’s similar to the handball that’s played in the water. It’s one of the quite popular events at the Olympics and if you have friends that are willing to play then you should definitely go for it. The sport requires coordination, teamwork, precision, and of course, being a fast swimmer can help immensely. So, it might feel like it’s more demanding than just swimming, but it’s definitely worth it and it is more engaging.


Here’s something a lot of people like, and it doesn’t have to do too much with swimming, It’s more of jumping into the water with style.

The idea is to have a perfect jump from a springboard and to impress the judges with your mid-air acrobatics.  So you need to do rotation, make sure your body is vertically straight when hitting the water. 


If you like to switch things up a bit and add running and cycling to your training list then, you might want to consider competing at Triathlon. It’s a competition where you need to run as fast as possible, ride a bike as fast as possible, and swim as well. All of these activities are great for your health, and if you want to build up your stamina then definitely consider this as an option. 

Water Volleyball 

If water polo feels like there is too much back and forth, which makes it exhausting then maybe give water volleyball a try. You will be responsible for only a certain area on your side of the field and you can all still collaborate as a team to defeat your opponents, and the rules are pretty much identical to regular volleyball. 


These were some interesting alternatives that you can try, in case swimming feels too repetitive. As you can see some of the suggestions here do require teamwork, therefore if you are a team player you might find those options more attractive.  Other suggestions can be more demanding, and really require more devotion, as a result, they are not exactly something you can do as a hobby. All things considered, finding an excuse to spend more time in the pool is always fun, so you will certainly find something to your liking here.