How Lifting Weights Affects Your Body?

You probably know a lot of people who train by lifting weights. Of course, they probably have cardio training as well, but in general weight lifting is one of the most popular forms of exercise out there. This is because the training itself isn’t necessarily intense. You do a few exercise series with 7 to 10 reps, and you are good to go. It’s not necessarily easy, and it gets more difficult as weights increase, but it’s not time-consuming which is important. Here we will talk about how weight lifting affects your body, and why it is so popular.

Building Muscle

The number one reason why this form of workout is so appealing is muscle building. Most men want to have big muscles. When you start this training you also get to see progress almost every week. As your nerves are adjusting to the training you are seeing progress in terms of how much you can lift. 

Approximately every week you are able to add 5 pounds to your weight, and that on its own feels good.

Of course, you eventually start to progress at a slower rate, until you start hitting plateaus. Then you need to add supplements and change diet in order to push past those limits.

Burning Fat

As you strain your body and increase muscle mass you are also burning fat. This doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight as muscles are heavier than fat, so don’t be too shocked if your own weight is not going down. Moreover, don’t expect to look shredded like some athletes or actors. To do this you need a strict diet, and you need to do a lot of cardio as well. 

Strengthening Your Bones

By lifting weights you are gradually allowing your bones and joints to withstand higher pressure.

The keyword here is gradual. If you take on more than you can carry you risk sustaining an injury, which is why you need to be extremely careful. This is why you are adding smaller weight increments each week so that your bones and joints can naturally adjust. Therefore, there is no need to push yourself, as you will be able to improve in a matter of weeks. It’s also very important that you assume the correct form for each exercise, especially when you increase the weight you are lifting. 

Moreover, if you are careful and allow for your joints to strengthen, then you will be reducing the chance of injury. As your bones can withstand more pressure and become more resilient, the chances of you getting hurt in the future will be mitigated. 

It’s Good for Your Heart

Although this is what it’s typically said for cardio exercise, lifting weights can also benefit your heart. Research has found that by lifting weights regularly, you reduce the chance of getting a heart attack or stroke by up to 40%. Of course, diet plays a more important role here, so don’t think that by exercising you are counteracting the effects of junk food.  


These are some of the main health benefits of lifting weights. As you can see it’s a viable form of exercise, and if your goal is to build muscles this is the best way to do so. But, if you want something more relaxing that can help you build muscle at the same time, then feel free to take up swimming.