Sports I Love to Watch

As you can probably guess, I really like swimming and almost all other sports that involve swimming. (Also – yes – swimming is a sport – although we have yet to see it appear on bookies with offers like Quinnbet Coupon Code). This activity has transformed my life, and I don’t perceive this training as a chore. It’s something I enjoy and that makes me happy. Think of it as binge-watching your favorite TV show or playing your favorite video game. 

However, this does not mean I actually enjoy watching swimming that much. In fact, they really make me jealous for not being there. I enjoy watching things that I am not that good at and that I admire. So here’s the list of all the sports I absolutely love to watch, if I am not busy swimming of course. 


I have a problem with sports that require finesse and precision and snooker is something I was really bad at growing up. I wasn’t too impressed with how my friends played it but when I saw what pro games looked like I was stunned. For me that accuracy was inhuman, and it’s something I feel I could never achieve even if I had 100 years to train. I admit it’s not that exciting to watch, but when you are bad at it like me, you start to regard it as magic. 


I used to think that swimming requires a lot of stamina, which it does. However, when I started watching tennis I saw matches that went on for hours and players didn’t seem to slow down. Sure they do have minor breaks, but even football players start to get muscle spasms after a match goes on for too long. Tennis players are running all day left and right and it’s astonishing just how much energy they have. Not only that, but they are still able to hit the ball and snipe the edge of that white line. 

Ninja Warrior 

I don’t know if this can be categorized as sports, but it sure is difficult, and I absolutely love this show. The whole obstacle course is way more difficult than it seems, and you really can’t win this thing unless you fully devote yourself to training. This does require some intense muscle training, but it’s also about weight control. 

When you think about the Olympics in ancient Greece the activities or competitions were also designed to test just how good of a warrior one can be. Raw strength was never a defining quality even back then. So, despite all the funny gimmicks, this is actually a good show and I view it as a sports competition. 

Master Sgt. Mark Olsen, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Basketball games have some of the best highlights and they can light the internet on fire. In fact, these short clips are being sold as NFTs nowadays, and for a good reason. This is one of the most popular sports, and it can be so satisfying to watch the pros play. It’s also a sport that requires a lot of teamwork and coordination, so it feels very rewarding when you see how some players can function so well with one another.  


So, are you surprised? As I said, I love swimming sports and of course, I watch them, but If I am being honest these are my top 4. I would rather be a player on a water polo team or be a competitor in a swimming competition, than watch those things on TV.