5 Best Apps for Teachers and Educators

Technology changes the way people communicate and learn. Today people can do lots of things at home like having online classes or entertaining themselves with offers similar to Casa de apuestas en Mexico. For educators, it can be a challenge to teach at a distance, especially for someone who has never done it before. Fortunately, they have access to tools that make the task easier. In the coming years, online learning will be a major aspect of almost all schools around the world, which means teachers and students will need every bit of support they can get to thrive. Below are some apps available to help make online learning a reality.

Google Drive

The vast majority of teachers are already familiar with it. Google Drive provides a convenient way for everyone to store and share files, from business people to students, and teachers. Users can access and edit documents, spreadsheets, emails, and more from anywhere they have Internet access. As Google Docs is a collaborative tool, students can submit their work entirely online for their instructor to review and comment on as needed.


Calculate grades, keep track of performance, and take notes on attendance and participation with this app. This app will help you plan your lessons and assessments over the whole semester. It is also compatible with Google and Microsoft’s classroom features for easy grading import.  You can use Additio’s messaging feature to stay in touch with parents and students. As an added assurance, Additio’s developers state that FERPA and GDPR rules are followed, and that sensitive data is kept secure at all times.


Slack is a proven workplace messenger that lends itself well to today’s digital classrooms. Different classes can be created as Slack channels to discuss assignments, projects, and topics. Also, the polling feature is helpful for gathering student opinions quickly. It is possible for you to set aside virtual office hours during which students will be able to contact you. Students and teachers can make calls, send files, and even participate in video conferences. Additionally, Slack can be integrated with other apps, such as Google Drive, to provide enhanced sharing capabilities.

Explain Everything

You can think of Explain Everything as an infinite virtual board for your online classroom. Explain Everything is marketed specifically as a tool to support online learning. You can personalize it with whatever you want, such as writing on it or inserting animations to demonstrate your latest lesson. It is possible to switch between one-to-one and group collaboration in different circumstances. Introducing visual learners to lessons through recorded videos and letting them record their own responses and send them back. Furthermore, Explain Everything lets you create feedback loops that the class can interact with so they don’t get distracted.


A student and parent-focused app, Remind sends notifications for upcoming events and projects. Remind can be used by teachers to send out announcements to the class, make sure everyone is on track for the next test, and remind the class about important dates. Students can even use the group chat feature to reach out to you individually if they have questions or are having difficulty. Also, you can keep track of stats and see who read your message by monitoring read receipts. In Remind’s dashboard, you are able to see how many people got and read your message, as well as whether any errors occurred.