What Are The Responsibilities of a Swimming Instructor?

Being a swimming instructor isn’t as easy as it seems. Some people think that to be a swimming instructor all you need to know is how to swim. However, this job has many challenges as well as many responsibilities that might not be so obvious from the beginning. 

Next to a great love for swimming and an incredible amount of dedication and patience, swimming instructors also need to be aware of many other aspects that are included in their everyday job. And below, we’ll take a look at the different responsibilities that every swimming instructor has.

Constant Monitoring

As a swimming instructor, you will have different groups of students that will attend your lessons. Some will know the basics of swimming, others will come because they want to learn new styles, and there will be those that are absolute beginners. There are a number of instructors that monitor only the last group of students. They are aware that these students don’t know how to swim, so they pay more attention to them. However, as a professional swimming instructor, you should monitor every group of students in the same way. You are responsible for any injuries or accidents that happen in the pool, and you must act accordingly. 

Staying Aware Of The Students’ Progress

Just like with any other class, swimming should also have a plan that all students need to follow. But the instructors have also their share of responsibilities. Every instructor should have a “file” of the students’ progress from the first day. In this way, they can see how far they have come, and what needs to be done in the future to improve their swimming technique. Also, keeping track of your student’s progress can also be beneficial for the students because they can feel motivated to continue with their lessons once you show them what they have achieved so far. 

Keep Them Interested

What some swimming instructors fail to understand is that swimming can be as fun as they make it. So it depends solely on the instructor’s energy and will to try harder and make the lessons more interesting whether or not students will continue with their practice sessions.

If the teacher tries to implement some new techniques into the lessons the students will feel better about themselves and they will feel the urge to come again. Instead of typical swimming lessons, you can try telling them stories about some of the world’s greatest swimmers, or even remind them of the many health benefits that come with this activity. 

Making Sure That The Pool And Locker Rooms Are Always Clean 

Another responsibility of swimming instructors that not many people are aware of is making sure that the pool and the locker rooms are always clean. First of all, this is necessary in order to protect the students’ health. Secondly, if there are any complaints about the level of hygiene of the pool where your lessons take place, you could lose students, and thus make less money. 

Be An Example

Your behavior at the pool must always be in accordance with the ground rules that you set for your students. For example, if you forbid your students to jump into the pool, you should never do it yourself except in a case of emergency.